Religion & Me (Cub Scout)

Religion and Me Guidebook for Cub Scouts

Religion and Me AwardOur purpose in publishing this workbook is to provide a religious study program specifically for Unitarian Universalist boys who are active in the Tiger, Wolf and Bear programs of Cub Scouting.

The Religion & Family Award Program has the following goals:

  • Provide UU Cub Scouts with a basic understanding of UU history and principles
  • Highlight the connections between UU principles and scouting values
  • Encourage UU Cub Scouts to begin formulating their own religious beliefs and philosophies
  • Foster meaningful religious conversations between UU Cub Scouts and their parents or adult partners.

The Religion & Me Award Program requires the Cub Scout to work closely with an adult partner to begin defining his own religious views and heritage. It also requires that he talk to other people at your UU church or fellowship. Our intention is that the Cub Scout will work through most of the exercises in this book with adult assistance. Some exercises will require a signature when it is completed. He will need adult guidance in order to know whom to approach at church and how to ask his questions, though he should try to do his own asking.

Religion and Me Guidebook for Cub Scouts

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